Egosystema – “Innocence Betrayed” Ghost Label Record – Official Lyric Video

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Egosystema – “Innocence Betrayed” Ghost Label Record – Official Lyric Video – A BlankTV Feature!

Artist city, country: Italy

Artist Biography: The name Egosystema means a group of connected elements that interact but maintain their own features. Ego is the part of every living being in nature – a system – that is characterized by single personality and influences of the environment. That influences emotions; the individual has to act following his impulses in a determined time: a lifetime.
Egosystema are born during the Spring of 2013 in studio, from an idea by Davide Porcelli (drums) and Cristiano Gallo (voice). The band is complete when Enrico Ferdusi (bass) and Davide Cristofoli (synth & keyboards) join them.
At first they are an American-influenced hard rock band with the exclusive of italian lyrics. They recorded the first album ‘Dentro il Vuoto’ in DP-Sound Studio, mixing it at Ænima Recordings and Nembo Records studios.
The album is the sum of the author’s ideas and emotions, born and saved for later at the beginning, then transformed into music, with aggressive guitar’s riffs and industrial synthetic sounds, all mixed with italian style melodic lines.
During February 2015 Jacopo – after some concerts in Piedmont to present the album¬ – left the band. Gabriele Conti substituted him for a short collaboration, to play during scheduled gigs and to start composing new songs.
In September 2015 started a difficult period, characterized by personal problems of members of the band.
At this point, after a pause for thoughts and some auditions, the line-up is renewed; during November 2016 Riccardo Lorenzini (voice) and Luca Birocco (guitar) joined the band.
The sound is refreshed, becoming an american prog, lyrics are now in english and the band now is ready to record the second album ‘Change Reality’ at DP-Sound Studio.
The band, after a two years stop, is now formed by elements with a good curriculum: Davide Cristofoli, Highlord band member, on tour with Soundstorm and musician for Fabio Lione, keyboard player for “Il Castello di Atlante”; Riccardo Lorenzini, Phoenix Rising’s singer; Luca Birocco, with a diploma of Lizard music school and Tony De Gruttola’s student.
The new album is about the made up story of a love triangle: dramas, fights, revenge; all in a more powerful sound with a peculiar prog mood. The story is inspired by real experiences, lived also in other settings beside love. The intensity of good and bad feelings come alive both in the narration and in the melodic structures of the songs.
In February 2017 the band signs a contract with Ghost Records label, affirmed in Italy and UK.
The release date of the new album is the end of April or the beginning of May 2017.

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