Inkblot Astronaut – “Flying Colours” Official Music Video

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Inkblot Astronaut – “Flying Colours” Official Music Video

Artist City, State, Country: Portland, Oregon, U.S.A.

Artist Bio: Inkblot Astronaut is music created by Zak Armstrong and Mike Fowler. Both heavily influenced by rock music from childhood (90s and 2000s), and both musicians from a young age. Meeting in high school, but started playing music together after experimenting in other bands and finally coming together when Mike returned from college. Both play multiple instruments and utilize this to make songwriting together fun and different. Zak was originally the drummer and after a few members entered and left slipped into the lead vocals and guitar role. Mike being a guitarist first gives the music his special sauce with tasty leads and thoughtfully compliments each track. Later adding Ryan Hertia, whom Mike met in college, to play bass and guitar. Then after trying out a few drummers added Eric Gendron.

Director Name: Zak Armstrong
Director Website:

Artist Website:

Song Lyrics: “Flying Colours”

It started so beautiful
I couldn’t quite contain
what was to come out
even though it was delayed
And if it was fiction
I could sell it like fact
I could sense your belief
my words could only attract
cus I, I’ve been here before
I’m out of my mind o
I’m out of my mind
We shouldn’t have left
but a stroll seemed to appeal
with growls leading our trek
reason was swayed by the deal
I was stumped for a while
felt like a part of what was
but don’t buy what I’m selling
you should know because
cus I, I’ve been here before
I’m out of my mind o
I’m out of my mind
Don’t tell me to run no
I dont think I’ll ever
no I’ll never come back
and don’t tell me to hide no
‘cuz I, I don’t think I can
handle that
And if I ever make it out of this
I swear I’m gonna change
but I don’t think I’ll ever make it
out of this no nothing’s going to
be the same
‘cuz I, I’ve been here before
I’m out of my mind o
I’m out of my mind
come down

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