Inter Omega – “Catena” Official Music Video

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Inter Omega – “Catena” Official Music Video

Artist city, country: Tartu, Estonia

Artist Biography: Inter Omega are a progressive metal band from Tartu, Estonia. Currently in the process of recording their debut album the group have provided a steady release of singles, aiming for their debut album to be released in the beginning of 2019. Their previous video for the single ‘Resilience’ provides an insight into the heavier spectrum of the band’s music producing a contrast to the tones and melodies of Catena.

Director Name: Martin Kaljuorg
Producer Name: Martin Kaljuorg

About the Video: “Catena” is about the struggle of making important life decisions unaffected by the choices of your past. The song encourages us to be more decisive and proactive with each element of our life by portraying different angles to the theme. The clean vocals provide the perspective of a person going through internal struggle whilst the aggressive vocals act as a conscience and guide communicating the steps needed to better oneself and ultimately saying that it is only us who can make change in our lives. Catena is the Latin word for chain and denotes a connected series of related things. The ‘chain’ that we wish to convey is that of our life choices and experiences but also the shackles that can tie us down.
The video tries to continue this metaphor by representing the first character running and hiding through his life experiences, meanwhile the second character haunts him. The second character acts as the first’s inner-self, channeling their conscience and providing advice. He proves that he is inescapable despite the first character’s best efforts.


Song Lyrics: “Catena”

I know the barriers that I have in my mind
are encouraging me to hide.
I try my best to not get left behind.
Sometimes I feel no end in sight.

I’m not fine
wasting energy
counting the errors I made.
Even if I’m losing my time
I hold some piece of mind.

The seconds ticking over
and as I try to redefine
my state of mind
but can I change my own design?
The light is getting closer
and I can see the reasons why
I’d run and hide
from everything I’d left behind

Used to shy away from facing myself
These patterns repeating in life
Looking for a sign to push me back on the grind
Instead of waiting around, you can change it today

Change it today

We’ve had the power all along
Your time has arrived
Give it your all, give it your all
Stop waiting for a sign
And move on with your life

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