Motion Scoundrel – “Fix” Official Lyric Video

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Motion Scoundrel – “Fix” Official Lyric Video

Artist city, country: Glasgow, Scotland

Artist Biography: Motion Scoundrel is a one-man metal project from Scottish TV journalist Colin Stone.

About the Video: I wanted to create a visual, visceral video which both sums up the tone of the track and also gives you a feel for the place I was in when I wrote it. If the video makes you feel like you need to wash it off after, then it’s succeeded.


Song Lyrics: “Fix”

When do I call it quits?
’cause I’m fed up with this.
Undeniably I’m the root of it.
I’m just so sick of me.

I’ve lost count of how many times I let you down.
I can’t even begin to forgive myself now.

Sometimes I think I’ve changed, and then I’ll make the same mistake again.
Press repeat. Press repeat.
Why can’t I be a better me?

Punching the walls until my knuckles bleed.
Punish myself until I am at a peace.

Where’s my fix? Where is my repair?
Where’s my fix? Where is my repair?
Where’s my fix? But do I even care?

Break me down, piece by piece and leave my carcass for the vultures to feast on what’s left of me.
I can’t be fixed.

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