Odd Robot – “Undead Army” Mind Control Recordings – Official Lyric Video

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Odd Robot – “Undead Army” Mind Control Recordings – Official Lyric Video

Artist city, country: Fullerton, California, U.S.A.

Artist Biography: Former members of Longfellow and The Maxies. Ultra-melodic powerpop for the broken hearted.

Director Name: Andrew Burris
Producer Name: Odd Robot

About The Video: A fresh breakup. The crazy ex who won’t leave you alone. The relentless angry phone messages are like daggers through the heart. Or, better yet, akin to being attacked by an army of the undead.

Facebook: http://facebook.com/OddRobotBand/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/oddrobotband
YouTube: http://youtube.com/channel/UCumpjJrD8tkdft94r1Q679A
BandCamp: https://oddrobot.bandcamp.com/

Label Name: Mind Control Recordings

Song Lyrics: i feel the resistance. the shaking underground. oh, you’ve unleashed an army of undead on me somehow. i’ll stay awake at night and try. try to resist them. i’ll sleep with one eye open ‘till the coast is clear. or till i’m one of them. even though you’ve gone away, i’m getting closer every day to some semblance of sanity. or at least they tell me so. if i’m already one of them, the doctor’s scripts they took me there. she said to me, “don’t worry you won’t feel a thing.” gotta get away from here. we’re headed down mexico way. it’s a fucked up vacation. now i’m kinda stuck here for three or four days. “i don’t want you to go away. at the same time, i just can’t stay with you.” i’m locked out on the balcony and there’s one or two things keeping me from jumping. i’m coming apart at the skin. the raw meat on my skeleton. it says to you: i’ve gone the way of the undead. i hope to get a good head start but they can have my heart and those parts. just leave me at the pharmacy and i’ll survive.

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