One True Reason – “Defiance” Artico Music / Seven Eight Life / Crecer Records

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One True Reason – “Defiance” Artico Music / Seven Eight Life / Crecer Records

Artist city, country: São Paulo, Brazil

Artist Biography: Banda de Hardcore de São Paulo, desde 2003.

Sao Paulo Hardcore band, since 2003.

Director Name: Fernando Mencoccini
Producer Name: Fernando Mencoccini

Artist Website:

Label Name: Artico Music / Seven Eight Life / Crecer Records

Song Lyrics: “Defiance”

Can’t lower my guard, I choose to react. Because the traps are hidden in plain sight. What’s done is done, there’s no looking back. Can’t fall behind. I’m out of my cage, Its “sink or swim”, its “live or die”. As you grew old in age, i grew so cold in rage. Now times are changing from bad to worse, But i’m still the same. Still the same against this world. Till my dying day, till my final breath, against a world i don’t belong. On this life we never find peace, Daily struggles that will never cease. we live, we lie, we love, we die…. Striving to survive, But I’m still defiant! And will remain defiant! Standing through the tests of time… Never fall in line. The world keeps spinning, but going in reverse. Hard times have changed me, yet I am still the same. Live and learn, never forget of the choices and the paths we have take, No remorse, no regret. Always two steps ahead.

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