Orissa – “Blue Communion” Official Music Video

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Orissa – “Blue Communion” Official Music Video

Artist city, country: New York City, New York, U.S.A.

Artist Biography: Orissa released its debut EP, ‘Omens’ in 2012; on which Dodini played all the instruments and was backed by Dan Walsh (drums). Omens was mixed by Stacey O’Dell, (Killcode, Panzie, Awaken), and mastered by Chris Muth of Taloowa. Orissa launched two additional singles in 2013 as, The Musical Offering. They were mixed and mastered by Patrick Derivaz, (Jon Scofield, Jeff Buckley, Meshell Ndegeocello), and released to support a Kickstarter Campaign.

Director Name: Michael Robayo
Producer Name: David Dodini

About the Video: “Blue Communion’” is the epic, grand finale on my sonic novel, ‘Resurrection.’ The song explores the previously introduced themes of the interplay between sensuality and the divine, eros I have a great love for the art of dance. I saw in my mind’s eye a male/female duo who could represent the essence of the beauty of the dance of masculine and feminine energies. I have a love of circus arts as well, so I began to search for an art form and dancers that could embody the empyreal, sensual-erotic beauty of the song.

Artist Website: http://bit.ly/2dGeLDy
Facebook: http://bit.ly/2dwqUNZ
Twitter: @orissaband
BandCamp: http://bit.ly/2dGeLDy
Instagram: @orissaband

Song Lyrics: “Blue Communion”

The sun is shining
Falling all around
You and I alone and naked, rise above the ground

I feel you wrapped around me
Fingers trace my spine
Nothing but this moment
No more yours or mine

Grace flares
A flame once red now pure and blue
Dancing, turning

In prayer
Two souls stripped bare revealing truths
Rivers deepened
Open. Flowing. Glowing. Alive.

Heavens invite stars to unite
Sanctified, flesh ignites
Two pure blue lights
Unveiled. Divine.

Souls combine
Enraptured and illumined
Every strand alive
Reciprocating, ravishing

Here, held in heaven’s arms
Blue hued cosmic streams gleaming
Facing the loveliest of angels
Two souls divine and beaming

Lifting your cup
High above my head
Your soothing pour flows
Bathing my lips
I’m healed and whole again

I feel the rays of adoration
When your eyes shine on me
A love as pure as waters from a spring
To cherish tenderly

Who could know
That words unspoken
Would lead to memories
To broken hearts and lonely homes
Forsaken and betrayed by beliefs

Patterns. Echos. Traces.
Pillars of temples etched in me

Silent sermons
Altars burning
From the ashes revelations

A God is a man whose chosen to see himself as worthy
Deserving of the Goddess, who shelters his heart in her hands

Finding my strength
Moving through my weakness
Finding truths

Climbing stairways
Every step a clue
Finding doorways
Worlds call me to
Step out, fall through

Lifetimes in search of that feeling
Enough to stand alone, but made whole joined with you
Winding all paths to the spirit
The soul I once met now held by flesh formed as you
Our bond cannot be broken, or severed by our walls
Across the oceans, across all time
We follow heaven’s call

I have been searching, deep through my soul’s every kingdom
Searching for words and a song, to paint a picture of perfection
Words to depict the beauty, of the light behind your eyes
That take me to lost in our laughter, to worlds lost with my angel

No thought, no word, no image
Apt to describe your beauty

I’ll trade words and the perfect song
To love you, touch you, taste you through flesh again

Heavenly lights, lost reunite
Sanctified, in the night
Flesh reignites
Baptized. Sublime.

Souls combine
Pulsing in communion
Every strand alive

Here, held in heaven’s arms
Blue hued cosmic streams gleaming
Facing the loveliest of angels
Two souls divine and beaming

Oh, my angel … …

Wrapped around me
Warmed in your wings
Tasting your lips
Burning blue with you again

©2016 David Allan Dodini and Middens Music – All Rights Reserved

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