Revenge Insanity – “For You” Feat. Klama (It Follows) – Official Teaser Video

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Revenge Insanity – “For You” feat. Klama (It Follows) – Official Teaser Video

Artist city, country: Gdansk, Poland

Artist Biography: Formed in 2016 in Gdansk, Poland, the band wanted to play much more heavier than now.
Five members became four recently. The band is influenced by Emmure, Carnifex and Whitechapel, among others.

Producer Name: Pawel Czarnecki


Song Lyrics: “For You”

This dick is fucking i for you
Your conscience is dead Long time ago You wanted be a king You became a piss of shit, ohhh I will burn you down You’ll be one with a ground Conflagration It is your destination Dont even try Open your mouth You cant hurt me So start fucking pray Yyyyyyyy (save my soul) yyyyyyyy (deliver us from evil) Dont go away Im not done with you You gonna pay Every single day
I got my black suit on toni¬ght Lurking’ in the dark in the pale moon¬li¬ght Done my hair up real good, say10 style One long line, I’m feelin’ alive.

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