San Blas – “Kiss From Argentina” Official Music Video

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San Blas – “Kiss from Argentina” Official Music Video – A BlankTV Feature!

Artist city, country: London, England, UK

Artist Biography: San Blas are an exciting Ukulele Rock band from North London. This eclectic bunch of family and friends are transforming the traditional sounds of the ukulele and mixing it with the harshness of British rock to form their own version of alternative music. Fundamentally San Blas is what the ukulele wants to be when it’s all grown up.

Director Name: Ben Cohen

About The Video: The morning after the night before. The video follows one man’s struggle with waking up solo and reminiscing about the girl that got away…

Artist Website:

Song Lyrics: Do they notice us?
Do they even care what we do, what we want?
Can they find a way?
May they try to say that,
We know who we want to be.

And all the way down the road,
I walk into a fight,
A battle of which I’ve chose,
I want to see you tonight…

Cos’ time is precious, and we’re alone now,
To what you question, we get involved now,
I can’t believe you, darling come on now,
Just move on over baby, I’m right here.

I believe in nothing, but I fucking love things,
All my attention on one obsession,
You smoke on my time, we should fuck on your time,
It’s freeing my mind but my body’s just left out in the cold,
So fucking cold!

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