Selki – “Skins” Official Music Video

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Selki – “Skins” Official Music Video

Artist city, country: Melbourne, Australia and Paris, France

Artist Biography: Selki is the music Project, of artist Shanti Kenny, created in mid-2014.
Determined to learn guitar and start performing, Shanti started SELKI. She decided that the best way to learn was on the job, performing more than forty gigs in 2014 alone.
Selki began as a soloist on instrument and vocals, and later included other instrumentalists. Following an east coast tour with gigs in Brisbane, Cairns, Byron and Sydney, Selki returned to Melbourne in August of that same year, to become a four piece indie folk rock band.
In mid- 2015 Shanti relocated to Europe for 6 months, whereupon Selki was again a solo Project but of the Indie- pop-rock variety.

Following a vehicular accident in Paris and left with broken bones, Shanti was unable to play guitar and SELKI was reinspired through collaboration with Paris based Producer: Loici Devehat from Soyou Studios. The product was three alt electronic pop tracks. Written and recorded in the few weeks before leaving France, Selki then returned to Melbourne in 2016. Later in the year, further collaborations with electronic artist, looper and producer Trickbox produced dynamic direction for the Selki sound: playing such festivals as Rainbow Serpent Festival, Tanglewood, The Town, World Beyond and Stacks on Festival.
In the same Year she wrote an album with Electronic 80’s Duo Hype ( Unreleased), and was one of the first members of Melbourne Freshest new girl band: Tom Girl (Officially starting March 2017). Inspired to release the Paris Single, Selki released all three tracks under the single title: Skins. This was marketed through a campaign in collaboration with Songwriters of Melbourne. It saw her feature in Beat and Happy Magazine, with articles in Local Newspapers, appearance on Channel 9 television, along with Interviews and features on over 8 radio stations in that first week, with Danny Ross and the Cat Empire Backline supporting her single release at The Workers Club in April. In the same week leading up to the release, Selki saw an opportunity for a film clip when friend, model and videographer Carla Venus came to Melbourne for the Single launch. Selki’s work with Carla and Fitzroy Based Melbourne Photographer and Videographer Rhys Newling, had the trio hustle a Black Magic cinema camera from a mate and the next day rock up at the convent with a hundred balloons, a bunch of outfits, glitter bubbles and only 3 hours to pull it all together.

Director Name: Rhys Newling and Carla Bel
Producer Name: Rhys Newling

About the Video: Selki’s new clip Skins is fun, fresh and filled with colour moves and style.

Artist Website:
Instagram: selkimoon

Song Lyrics: “Skins”

Ho ho little child where do you run to tell me where you go
Ho ho little child where do you run to tell me where you go
Inside you mind lies a darker place, from where you spend so much time trying to escape.

Ho ho little child where do you run to tell me why you cry
ho ho little child, don’t fear now there is so much time
we are made of skins and bones and not stones and sticks
that means when we break we’re easier to fix.


we are made of skins and bones
we are made of skins and bones
we are made of skins and bones
so when we break we can reform

Ho ho little child I’ve watched you grow from a little seed
ho ho little child I’ve felt your fears your sorrows and your needs
but know one day you will triumph it all
you’ll come out of your cave
standing strong and tall.

we are made of skins and bones
we are made of skins and bones
we are made of skins and bones
so when we break we can reform

ho ho little child why do you run now tell me what you fear
ho ho little child is it love of holding someone near, near


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