Skittish – “Don’t Count Me Out” Official Music Video

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Skittish – “Don’t Count Me Out” Official Music Video

Artist city, country: Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.A.

Artist Biography: I am Skittish. I have made a career of crafting songs that, catchy as they may be, usually focus on dark subject matter. At some point it was suggested that I start taking anti-depressants. Though I eschewed this suggestion for years, fearing that it would hinder my creativity, I finally gave in and got on happy pills. This record is the result of my new outlook.
‘Better Out Than In’ is the latest Skittish EP. As is the case with every album, I am mostly trying to please myself, my friends, and the many other broken toys out there who have supported me these last ten years. It was written, recorded, and mixed in a house I was caretaking in the winter of 2018. Picture a montage of late night vocal tracking in a homemade tent of blankets, an ever growing tangled beard, all played out against a backdrop of three snowy Minnesota months. Kind of like The Shining, but with less murder. It is Indie-pop, flavored by Weezer, Beck, and Twenty One Pilots. Eight songs speaking of the ups and downs of the previous year.
I spent most of 2017 traveling between my hometown of Minneapolis and my adopted city of Nashville, where I wrote for country artists and TV commercials.
Though not normally my genres, I grew a healthy respect for folks like Max Martin and Ashley Gorley. The behind-the-scenes talent that get the creative buzz, without the public hassle. This appealed to my introverted nature, but I could never stray too far from Skittish. I whittled fifteen songs down to my favorite eight, recorded them in three months, and now I have ‘Better Out than In.’
‘Better Out Than In’ is the sixth Skittish album and the latest highlight in the band’s twelve year history that includes placements on MTV, Lifetime Movies, and Showtime’s ‘Shameless.’ As well as national tours, three top 100 CMJ charting albums, and two Independent Music Award nominations in 2016 for Album and Single of the year.
For those that are unsure of their place in this world, there will always be Skittish to keep you company.

Director Name: Jeff Noller
Producer Name: Jeff Noller

About the Video: A voyeuristic glimpse into the imagination of an introvert at home.

Artist Website:

Song Lyrics: “Don’t Count Me Out”

I was swimming
In a room of people I don’t know
Some had names that I had heard before
..Avoided them

I was nodding
When the social cues would tell me so
Half an hour more and I can go
re-charge at home

Pills and potions blur the edges
Part the crowd and you’re in focus

I was waiting by the window
I waiting on the perfect joke
For you, only you

I was happy
Maybe more like I was comfortable
watching life like movies come and go
Not tonight

I know you cant fix me normal
but every villain needs a hero
everybody here’s an extra
everybody’s celluloid and light
But you
Don’t count me out, don’t count me out,
don’t count me out I’ll try again

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