The Bare Minimum – “Safe Bet” Official Music Video

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The Bare Minimum – “Safe Bet” Official Music Video

Artist city, country: Toronto, Canada

Artist Biography: The Bare Minimum are a Toronto punk band in the tradition of S.N.F.U, Propagandhi, and Belvedere with SNES inspired riffs and a self-heckling sense of humour. Their wide musical range, from thrash ragers to acoustic scream-a-longs, is threaded together by their frantically catchy hooks. Somewhere between irony and nihilism, The Bare Minimum subvert pop songs into meditations on bar culture, boredom, and scene politics.

‘Where the Buses Don’t Come’ is The Bare Minimum’s follow up EP to the 2017 full-length ‘Sink to the Top’. Ripping through 7 songs in under 15 minutes, ‘Where the Buses Don’t Come’ stands as their rawest and most intense offering. ‘Where the Buses Won’t Come’ was produced by Devon Lougheed (SuperBonBon Sound/Altered By Mom), and recorded at Marquee Sound Studio.

Besides haunting basement bars and house parties, The Bare Minimum have played CMW, NXNE, Pouzza Fest and toured Ontario in a hilariously tiny car.

Director Name: The Bare Minimum
Producer Name: The Bare Minimum

About the Video: ‘Safe Bet’ is the first track of The Bare Minimum’s upcoming EP ‘Where the Buses Don’t Come’. The song takes cues from SNFU, Vultures United, and early-AFI but mixes it up with riffs stolen from Wizard of Oz and S.O.A.D. Written deliberately to break away from genre conventions, the song clocks in at just under a minute. Produced by Devon Lougheed, recorded at a real studio. Available on Spotify, Bandcamp, Apple Music, and Russian torrent sites on November 2, 2018.

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Song Lyrics: “Safe Bet”

Wake up, Wash out
Throw up last night inside my mouth
And run out the clock ’til you burn out the flame

Consume, wear out,
Until the subway spits you out
And run for your life everyday tastes the same

So many nights, this road leading nowhere
Just take me back from where I came

Jump off the ship without any landing
The sidewalks break my fall

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