The Philadelphia Experiment – “Straight Jacket Arson” Official Lyric Video

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The Philadelphia Experiment – “Straight Jacket Arson” Official Lyric Video

Artist city, country: Wichita, Kansas, U.S.A.

Artist Biography: The ‘Echelon’ EP is our debut record which tells a tale of personal discovery through overcoming hardship. It’s filled with fresh new rhythms and melodies that are sure to get stuck in your head. ‘Echelon’ will be dropping 02/23/2018.

Director Name: The Philadelphia Experiment
Producer Name: Dark Abyss Studios

About the Video: Lyric video for our song “Straight Jacket Arson”


Song Lyrics: “Straight Jacket Arson”

You fucking coward
Wait until I get my hands on your throat
Death would be a blessing
A prestige but not for the likes of you

Running deep
Into the facade
Nothing is going to
Stop the blood-shed
From happening

I stand above you
And I will take your life
This is a promise to you motherfucker
You will never lay another hand again

Now that the blood-shed ensues
My hands they quake
You bleed with suppuration
I bludgeon with unyielding force
Your agony it pleases me

You are tattered and torn
Fully dehumanized
My anger has been

My image seared into your brain
I am the last thing you will see
While you are alive

I hear your fucking cries
There will be no pity for you
Beg me to die
But only I decide

My image seared into your brain
You begin to convulse
Violently shaking
Rendered fucking lifeless

Now that you are gone forever
They will never find your corpse
Nature will take it’s course
You will be devoured

It all just feels to good
Knowing that I sent you
Where you belong
You are now a better use
Of space in an unmarked grave
A disgrace
I spit upon your final resting place

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