The Threats – “Bon Voyage” Official Music Video

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The Threats – “Bon Voyage” Official Music Video

Artist city, country: Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A.

Artist Biography:

Director Name: Zak Washburn
Producer Name: Matt Goldman

Instagram: @thethreatsband

Song Lyrics: “Bon Voyage”

This nervous energy, just tryin to crack the code
Forbidden, we made a, wrong turn off the main road
We’re cornered, outnumbered, need more time to reload
This winter’s ferocious, hard to see through the snow
Life is not a spectacle, it’s a predicament and I’m torn
One day we celebrate, next day we mourn
We used to run from the law, yeah
Oh how the tables have turned, turned, turned

Wild west, yeah, I’m packin bags, it’s for the best
Flew the nest, yeah, this can’t be real, it’s just a test
Curriculum was division but they keep asking for the sum
We’re the only architects that can build our way out of this slum

A new foundation on the solid ground, yeah, a new foundation on the solid ground
(on the solid ground)

Calm and collected, that’s my new wave
Careening through the pines like blue jays
I held my breath for quite a few days
Blue faced, blue face!

Crashin in a dream or floating in space (no disguise)

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