To Those Still Breathing – “Defeat” Ft. Angel Tapia (Of Truth) – A BlankTV World Premiere!

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To Those Still Breathing – “Defeat” ft. Angel Tapia (Of Truth) – A BlankTV World Premiere!

Artist city, country: Spokane, Washington, U.S.A.

About The Video: Guitars, Bass, Drums, Vocals/Lyrics and partial Pre-Pro written by Corey King, and co-written by Scott Rodrigues.

Vocal feature written and performed by Angel Tapia from “Of Truth”
Check out his band:

Director Name: Josh Winger
Director Link:
Producer Name: Scott Rodrigues
Producer Link:


Song Lyrics: I guess this time my luck has run out
Right out the fucking door
I am trembling like I’ve never felt before.
I wanna know (I wanna know)
How I could have deserved this
You took me from the light and put my life into darkness

I feel death breathing down on my neck
My body laying frozen to the top of the bed
and I shout (I shout)
To anybody who can hear my voice…
“I can’t save myself”

I can’t breathe, though I’m feeling my heartbeat
I can’t sleep. This is the definition of defeat
I can’t breathe, though I’m feeling my heartbeat
I can’t sleep. I can’t fucking sleep

The time it takes
to fix the damage I’ve done
It’s not too late
So don’t let me go
Because it’s the way
That i could break
You looked at me and said I’m not
What you want
But I’m not done
So take another look at me
Just take another look at me.


The lines that I’ve crossed, forgetting this loss, don’t look a…don’t look away. Waking today, but my heart can’t stay, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, to end up like this again. But my walls were caving in, I think that I can change. I’ll Pave a better way

Familiar Faces, I’m going through phases
I’ve made up my mind, it’s the bottom line, ready to redefine my life. It wasn’t the right time…
I am ashamed, I’m the one to blame,
But can I forgive myself
Is there a way

I’ve made up my mind it’s the bottom line. My life. It wasn’t the right time
I’ve made up my mind it’s the bottom line. It wasn’t the right time.

It will take time
to fix the damage I have done
But it’s not over
Its not over

I don’t expect to be forgiven
Its hard to forgive myself
Can I forgive myself

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