Year Of The Locust – “Sunrise” Official Music Video

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Year of the Locust – “Sunrise” Official Music Video

Artist city, country: Ronkonkoma, New York, U.S.A.

Artist Biography: Year of the Locust is a motley collection of personalities from the American Northeast. Hailing from NYC, Washington Dc, and West “By God” Virginia, the band’s sound has come into it’s own under the watchful eye of producer/guitarist Brian Bonds.
What he had heard was the band’s pre-show huddle. A ritual Year of the Locust uses to clear their minds of the day, put aside the rest of the world, and prepare for the show.
In early 2017, after his departure from Florida Georgia Line, Brian toured with Tantric alongside Y.O.T.L. The band would forge a friendship with Brian that would ultimately lead to him producing ‘Rock. Sex. God. Machine.’ later that year, and yielding the single, “Sunrise.”
Having shared the stage with some musical behemoth’s in recent years, the band feels as though it’s search for identity has been (temporarily) quenched. Eager to reveal the new beast to the world, the band will have their chance as they kickoff 2018 with a 36 city tour alongside Starset. Add to that a new single/music video release for “Sunrise” and “The Swarm” is set for domination in 2018.

Director Name: Steve Sage
Producer Name: Brian Bonds

About the Video: “Sunrise is the lead single off our upcoming album/documentary combo, ‘Rock. Sex. God. Machine.’ The video and song embody a story of love and revenge. Sometimes when a relationship hits the point of no return, the only thing you can do is get away from the situation and clear your head. Sometimes that clear head comes in the form of revenge with another woman. Either way, you won’t be back until Sunrise, there’s no stopping you tonight!”

“We put the video together after a 20 hour straight drive back to our hometown in NY from Nashville after a grueling three weeks writing, touring and recording Sunrise and a few other new songs for the album. For a bunch of guys on little to no sleep for the previous several days, we look pretty good, and so do the girls!”

Artist Website:

Song Lyrics: “Sunrise”

I can’t believe you’d do this to me. I saw the text in context.

You think you’re unique, you’re basic as ****!

Awe that’s a wrap and I’m out so why did you tell me,

why did you tell me, why did you tell me?

Just to clear you’re conscience? Are you insane? You think I won’t

leave? That’s a wrap and I’m out.

I won’t be back until sunrise, no stopping me tonight. You know

I’m so sick of all you’re ****. She won’t be wearing a white dress,

she might be a hot mess. You know I can’t get enough of it.

You think I won’t go? You think i won’t go?

But hey, now that I’m free I’m spending money. Somebody get me

another round. You think you’re so sweet.

You’re basic as ****! That’s a wrap and I’m out so why did you lie

to me, why did you lie to me, why did you lie to me? Just to

save your sugar daddy but you can’t, save your own skin.

You think I won’t play? Awe that’s a wrap and I’m out

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