Alae Noctis – “Murder One” Stormspell Records – Official Music Video

Alae Noctis

Alae Noctis is a Spanish band from the city of Cartagena, classified within the genres “Retro wave” and “Dark wave”, founded in 1998 by guitarist and singer Diego “Noctis” and drummer “Daniel Garcia”. Emerged from the “Post-punk” scene, evolving with the passing of the years and creating a characteristic sound combining MIDI guitar synthesizers with rock guitar riffs.
After several changes in its formation, it finally solidified with vocalist guitarist Diego “Noctis”, guitarist Alvaro “Pollo”, bassist Guillermo “Khein” and drummer Daniel “García”.
In 2008 they released their debut album titled “Alae Noctis”, a varied and experimental album which shows the influences of techno music from the eighties with songs like “Shockwave”, Electro-new age music with “Dark Crystal Dreams” and After-punk with “Fiesta en el Cementerio”. That year drummer and founding member Daniel “García” leaves the formation, forcing the band to use drum machines for the recording in 2009 of the next album ‘Cyborgs’, less varied than its predecessor and showing a more industrial sound. Then guitarist Sergio “Strike” joins the band to replace Guillermo “Khein” with the bass and rhythm guitars, along with Dani “Loco” on drums.
In late 2013, they finished recording the album ‘Rising from the Grave’, inspired by horror films of the 80´s, and offering a retro, vintage and experimental sound.

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