Alice Sonia-Michael – “Looking For A Friend” Official Music Video

Alice Sonia

“Art needs time” could describe very well the musical journey of Alice. Being a self-taught and learning to play the guitar four years ago , she started writing her debut album.
So far, she has released her first single “Seconds of Silence” awarded with “Best Song” at World Wide Music Contest (2016).After positive reviews on international online music platforms, Alice returns, one year later, with a next chapter of her musical statement. The new single “Looking for a Friend “ is already starting to show the incredible versability of her sound.

“When I started writing music , my only thought was to create a kind of music that will impress, something lasting, that special thing we call beauty. I have never considered a certain recipe, as I’m interested in writing beautiful music and sharing a message with the world.
When you work creatively, the whole Universe works with you ,so there is no way you can fail “
Alice Sonia-Michael (Papercut Magazine)

In a One Women Show, Alice Sonia-Michael is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, arranger and music producer.

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