Allamedah – “Symphony” Official Music Video


Allamedah was formed in 2015 in Lisbon, Portugal, by rhythm guitar
player/vocalist David Bitton Coutinho, and drummer João Faria. Later the same
year, Wilhelm Lindh joined on the bass and, in early 2016, the band became complete with the addition of lead guitarist Tiago Marinho.
The band quickly started working on songs and, after months of hard work, the band started playing live shows and released their debut EP – “Rio”- on December 8, 2017.
The fusion of different genres has been the main priority to shape their sound.
Inspired by the multiculturalism of the band, they try to break the prejudice of the metal sound and inject it with more versatile and fresh influences.
The lyrics are in Portuguese, English and Hebrew. They deal with life and the decisions you make down the road. Every decision you make in life will be followed by a consequence, good or bad, but, in the end, “the river will always find its way to the sea”, as the opening line of the song “Rio” states.

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