Atlas Run – “Home” Official Music Video – Official Music Video

Atlas Run

Atlas Run are an Alternative/Indie Rock band who play heartfelt, infectious and energetic music.

We launched in late summer 2016 and have since released two singles, our debut music video has over 10,000+ views and we have had extremely successful and well recieved shows at King Tut’s, The Hug and Pint, Cottiers Theatre and many more.

Our musical inspiration comes from life in Scotland and the love and heartache that brings. From childhood memories, to partying long into the night in town, to friendships and relationships. This emotion is conveyed by our singers extremely touching vocals and our soaring guitar riffs.

We are currently scheduled to record our new EP called ‘Depths’ due to be released in summer 2017. And a new music video for our next single ‘Open Water’.

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