Bring The Drones – “I Am The Glitch” Kibou Records

Bring The Drones

BRING THE DRONES is not a band. Not in the traditional sense.

BRING THE DRONES is, at its core, Charlie Claesson (formerly of ANTI-CIMEX and DRILLER KILLER, and current member of WOLFHOUR) and Ted Fransson (STRIKT STRUKTUR).

Beyond this core, BRING THE DRONES is not a rigid structure; more like a loose collective of punk musicians which ebbs and flows with each release, with Claesson and Fransson drawing on the talents of those they feel can add something to the overall sound.

On Ignorance Paradise, the core is augmented by vocalists Denis Boardman of UK crust titans, DOOM and James Domestic of UKHC bruisers THE DOMESTICS, alongside the bass skills of Inge Johansson (AGAINST ME!, REFUSED, THE (INTERNATIONAL) NOISE CONSPIRACY), Frida Andersson (VICIOUS IRENE), and Daniel Kjölsrud (BERZERK BASTARDS).

Ignorance Paradise, since its initial conception, has been the best part of three years in the making (albeit with plenty of downtime between sessions given the geographical spread and other commitments of members). Building on the sound of previous under-the-radar releases, BRING THE DRONES really come into their own with this release. From raging Swedish d-beat – Claesson’s drumming is still a force of nature – to some slower, but no less engaging, passages, all with Fransson’s often unusual riff structures and Boardman and Domestic’s raw vocal attack, the album’s 18 tracks cover all the ground you’d expect given the personnel…plus a bit more besides.

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