Red Car Burns – “Changes” A BlankTV World Premiere Music Video!

Red Car Burns

Red Car Burns is a punk rock band from Lodi, Italy, hanging around from almost fifteen years of records, gigs and tours, across Europe and US.

Formerly known as Genitalz, in 2005 the band released their first length ‘When Everything Seems to Be in Silence’ (N-HN, Engineer) and during the following years RCB toured Italy and Europe to promote the record. During those years, their songs were included in several compilations in Europe and Japan.

In 2010 the band released their second full length ‘The Roots and The Ruins’ (No Reason Records) touring again Europe and Italy. After some changes in their line up, the band released in 2013 a 7″ split with Ants! (No Reason Records) and started to work on their third full length album.

The self-titled record was released in 2015, just before their first US tour, ending at FEST14 in Gainesville, Florida.

After several gigs in Europe and Italy in the following year, the band digitally released in 2017 a new DIY EP “Travelers and Stories” to support their second US tour ending again at FEST16 in Gainesville, Florida.

In 2018 the band will release a new 7″ split record (No Reason Records) with Seattle based Dead Bars, which shared some of the US gigs with RCB in 2017.

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