BRONxxx – “All Japan Nerd Association” Beanies Records


BRONxxx is a skate rock band from Osaka/Japan, they are influenced by the good old days of early 80`s American Hardcore, New Wave girl bands, and the sound and noise of wheels and decks at the skate park.
The band released a 12” split with The Tubuloids (Canadian Surf Punk) in 2015, a debut album named ‘Poser Now Poser Forever’ in 2016 on Beer City Records.
BRONxxx toured the United States in 2017 playing shows mainly in California. Presently in 2018 they’re getting ready to release a 7” split EP entitled ‘Swamp Bowl Sessions’ with Scheisse Minnelli (German Skatepunk) on Beanies Records.

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