Chuck Blaze – “Get Rich” MeaninFul Music LLC

Chuck Blaze

Chuck Blaze hailing from Minnesota always had a gift for music. Graduating from the High School For Recording Arts, Chuck Blaze knew music was in his destiny. He has been hard on grind for the past few years, and it shows. Influenced by rappers like Kanye West, Jay-Z and Tupac as well as Beyonce and Nicki Minaj, Chuck Blaze is the type of versatile artist that is missing in today’s music industry.
There’s something about Chuck Blaze’s music – his relatability, down-to-earth vibe and free-spirited rhymes – that makes it really appealing in a landscape dominated by hustlers and ballers. “My voice and the way I approach music. My stage presence and performance skills the way I connect with the crowd, My vibe is everything. All of that makes me stand in a class of my own.” He explains.
With a cinematic sound that paints a vivid picture, Chuck Blaze’s music is autobiographical and he hopes to turn passion into a profession where can build and add on. Chuck Blaze not only has the talent, but also the resources and business savvy behind him to make some big moves in the future.

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