Kyle Johnson – “Spirit Winds” A BlankTV World Premiere!

Kyle Johnson

Kyle Johnson is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Seattle, Washington. His music contains elements of folk-rock, hard rock and heavy metal. He moves between genres and his writing and music contain an underlying rawness and emotion. His music is molded by his life experiences from triumph and love to abandonment and depression. His songs may contain acoustic guitar, bass, violin, Native American Flute, ocarina, electric guitar, and drums.
Raised in the Pacific Northwest his music oft times reflects the dark and gloomy fog of winter. Adopted at birth, his struggle to find his identity has shaped his musical journey and led him down dark pathways to the past. His Native American influences come from his Yakama ancestors. He has released two studio albums the latest being ‘The Dragonfly and Oak’ and several singles including “My Descent”, “Shells”, “Gatekeeper” and “Spirit Winds”.

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