Crucial Point – ‘We Are Crucial Point’ Part 1 – Laketown Records

Crucial Point

CRUCIAL POINT was formed in late 2011 by band members of Berlins hardcore bangers TONEDOWN and Bring It On / xWalk Awayx . An exhausting search for band members for bass and vocals started and the line up changed many times. After hard working and multiple rehearsal rooms they released their first demo, including 3 tracks in 2013. One year later a split-tape with their friends in ZERRE with two new tracks was published. From then on (with the final and current line up) CP played various live shows and focused on their first full length album. In mid 2016 they entered the studio and on 27th of October 2017 they released their self-named full length album on 500 limited vinyl records in standard black and translucent blue via LakteTown Records. 12 tracks on around 25 minutes length.

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