Devillians – “Never Back Down” Official Lyric Video – Honor Record


Built upon the solid bedrock of metalcore, Devillians, the five piece band based in the underbellies of KL now returns to bring you four new nightmarish terror-ridden tracks from their new EP, ‘Existence’.

Having been founded in 2007 by Firdaus who until now holds the helm as the lead guitarist, the band had undergone several changes in their line-up. Where it had made regular appearances in underground shows in and about KL, the band had gone into a hiatus in order to scout for members who could carry the weight of the band concurrently concocting their EP, Existence. At present, Devillians is manned by Firdaus as stated, Izzat on drums, Danial on rhythm guitar, Ezmeel on Bass and Ali on vocals.

Their style of music draws influence and ranges from the ungodly death howls of Randy Blythe and quick paced sure-fire guitar picking style of Lamb of God, to the heavy, rhythmic, progressive chord patterning of the Darkest Hour and machine gun kicks of that of August Burns Red. The band sound has been said to be reminiscent of As I Lay Dying, In Flames, Unearth, August Burns Red and Summer’s End, to name a few.

With their new EP, the band is ready to take on Kuala Lumpur’s underground scene and spread their name throughout the whole country and introduce “Devillians” to the world.


Existence, a result of research, planning and practice over the years of the band’s existence. With their new EP, Devillians now re-emerges from the depths of obscurity into the forefront of metal carnage.

Coming from different styles of musical influences, blended together in a mesh of metalcore goodness, Devillians’ new EP, Existence, marks a new start in the band’s agenda and ambition.

The EP has 4 monstrous track, all written and performed by the band itself except for the back up vocals in the chorus part of the song “The Rodeo” which was done by Ardy from the band Naratu. Also, all 4 tracks in the EP were recorded, mixed, and mastered by Ardy (Naratu/NuBreax). Kicking it off with “The Rodeo” as the first track, this energetic super hype tune serves as an invitation to the listeners to “open your arms and embrace” (quoting the lyrics from the song itself). The second track has actually had been pre-released as single on YouTube with the title “Never Back Down”. They released the song’s lyric video and it instantly shared and spread throughout the local community. The song is about life principle, it’s about fighting for yourself, its about fighting for what you deserve and not giving up. The third song “Existence”, is pretty straight forward. It has catchy riffs with groovy breakdowns and strong vocals. The last track is quite special and it carries a different vibe compared with the rest of the songs. Its a tribute song for the victims and families of the MH370 and MH17 tragedies. These horrible nightmarish incidents had taken the whole nation by surprised and everybody are upset. The band wanted to show their support and prayers so they wrote this lamentation to share with the whole world.

In the near future, Devillians has gigs planned which pans across Malaysia notably in KL where the band will hold its EP launch party. The band will be participating with Thy Regiment “Iron Heart” Album tour where they’ll be playing at 3 different venues (Ipoh, Penang and Nilai). The band is also set to take to the stage for Musica Mania Launch Festival which will be held at Atas, Kelana Jaya, playing alongside local big names such as Naratu, Thy Regiment, Upon Arrival, Against Infinity and others. They are ready to bring metal rampage to the pit and to meet its friends and families head on as they traverse into the world of metal.

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