Evertim – “Let Me Go” Fox Records – Official Music Video


In just over a year, Evertim have already flashed shades of greatness in their songwriting and actively at their live shows. Never interested in trend-hopping or idly posturing, Evertim are a band entirely dedicated to their music. A delicate blend of aggressive emo-tinged rock and gorgeous melodies that elevates their music beyond prototypical pop-punk norms.

“I think our message is best conveyed live” explains vocalist/guitarist, Alex Tuck. “There is no bravado, no gimmicks. You will always be able to see us smiling our heads off having the best time on stage. I think that attitude really resonates in our music”.

Hailing from Brighton, UK, Evertim’s songs have attracted attention not just at a local level, but also nationally with airplay on the world famous BBC Radio 1 Rock Show. DJ Daniel P. Carter selecting their single ‘Knots’ for airplay, after a chance meeting brought them together.

“Ben and Georgia got talking to Daniel about our plans for the year at a Masterclass at their college and gave him a copy of our EP ‘Learn to Swim’. We didn’t really think much of it, but next thing we know he tweets us the morning of the show telling us he was going to be playing our track ‘Knots’. We couldn’t believe it!”

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