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Eyes Wide Open

Formed back in 2011 by guitarists Kristofer Strandberg, Erik Engstrand and bass player Jesper Lindgren in Karlstad, Sweden.
Eyes Wide Open has since carved their way into the halls of Swedish Metal. Pointed out as a Melodic death metal or metalcore band by different genre purist, but Eyes Wide Open’s soul lies within the melody, big choruses and their catchy riffs.
With ”And so it begins” the Eyes Wide Open trilogy is finally complete. Starting with ”Revelations” to tell us whats about to come if we continue to leech on this planet and ”Aftermath” how we may or may not live through it.
”And so it begins” takes on the perspective of today, where we stand with all of our problems like wars, environmental disasters and our addiction to luxury. Will the revelations come true?
With the sudden departure of vocalist Patrik Fahlin, Eyes Wide Open had to evolve and Erik stepped up as their new vocalist.

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