Fire To The Stars – “Wholesale Slaughter” Seahorse Recordings

Fire To The Stars

Fire to the Stars formed in Melbourne from a collection of Australians and ex-pat Swedes with a shared interest in Dead Can Dance, Grouper, My Bloody Valentine and pretty much anything coming out of New Zealand’s mythical Flying Nun Records. Recorded with US producer Casey Rice (Liz Phair, Tortoise, the Dirty Three) Made of Fire is a collection of glorious, cinematic melancholia, designed to simultaneously soothe and despair. Made of Fire follows on from the Keep You Safe EP which quickly became 2419 Record’s highest ever downloaded EP (with over 260,000 downloads) and charted at number 35 in NBT Radio’s top 150 records of 2014. Made of Fire has just been made number 30 in NBT’s top 130 records of 2016, with lead single coming in at number 16 in the top 240 songs of 2016.

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