Galanos – “Loneliest Of Men” Pyrrhic Victory Recordings


Kingston, New York’s Galanos don’t so much celebrate the darker things in life as they embrace the darkness life has to offer. Taking their name from a combination of literary references and Spanish that when combined roughly translates to ‘silver tongued devils,’ Galanos music is darkly seductive and coldly aloof at the same time. Their debut 7″ is steeped in the solo sounds of Stiv Bators and early Lords of the New Church, the cinematic expanses of Ennio Morricone, and relentless fuzz drone of surf guitars. Their debut 7″ provides two contrasting songs that only scratch the surface of this complex band. A sound that Fred Mills of Blurt Magazine calls “rich in atmosphere and unnerving in its tragic grace” and added “there is much here that bodes well for an intriguing future.”

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