The Tronautas – “Last Days”  A BlankTV World Premiere Live Video – 2018

The Tronautas

The Mexican/American hardcore metal doom band The Tronautas are promoting the release of their first music video, featured on their first EP called’ “Olovorgo” an assortment of their dark and aggressive influences ranging from extreme metal, hardcore and industrial all the way to stoner doom.
The band has played with international bands like Destroyer of Light (Austin, Texas), Uburen (Norway), Canibales (Mex), Luzbel (Mex), Awake but still in bed (California) and Life in Vacuum (Canada).
This new EP was recorded and mixed on during spring – summer 2018 at Rolando Arevalo’s home studio in Brownsville, Texas and mastered by the band at Radiobot Studio in Matamoros, Mexico.
Their songs talk about very different topics, from critical views on the nature of organized religion, the ways in which the system is rigged to control us and coping with personal trauma.
The Tronautas are constantly evolving their sound, merging and experimenting with their influences, firmly rooted on a mixture of sonic aggression and melodic elements.

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