Hidden Place – “The Mirror Of Forgetfulness” Official Music Video

Hidden Place

Hidden Place was formed in Pérez Zeledón, San José, Costa Rica in 2011. Originally named At the Middle of the Ocean, in 2012 they changed their name to Hidden Place as a representation of something that people would not normally see. They are influenced by genres from Nu metal and Death to Metalcore, Technical Deathcore, among other.
By 2016 they released their first EP ‘Genesis’ and by the end of 2017 they released the first LP “Cry of War’.
There have been some changes to the original set up of the band since 2011. The orginal members of the band were Joseph Batista, voice (current); Enrique Núñez, rythm guitar (current); Francisco Núñez, Lead guitar (current); Bryan Calderón, rythm guitar (former); Jonathan Calderón, Synth-keyboard (former); Faret Chinchilla, bass(former); Andrés Chaves, drums (former). Josue Abarca joined the band later on the drums (current). He had other projects before such as the band “Another Day” that had collaborated with Hidden Place before. Also, Gerardo Araya joined the band on the bass (current), he had several projects going from rock to alternative metal, and thanks to his knowledge on music production Hidden Place starts to work on recording its own material. Lastly, Ricardo Herrera joins the band as a rythm guitar. He had worked on his own project before on a band called “Insanity”.
Currently they are developing new projects to increase their reach to international markets and audiences.

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