HotBox – “Big Bag Johnny” Zombie Shark Records


HotBox is an Israeli nu metal/ rap metal band based in the south district of Israel.

Formed in 2013 ,90’s vibe with an oldschool rap and heavy riffs .
The next 3 years we’re relatively quiet with no real work done, with the Vocalist in jail for a year, guitarist and bassist serving in the IDF in combat oriented units, except for recording a demo and doing several shows across Israel.

In 2015 the Vocalist was finally released, and the band could start performing, they started their own line of underground street shows as a Protest ,they bought a van and all the equipment that was needed. as a part of the street shows the band decided to do a festival named “Roadkill Fest” which took place in a farm in the middle of the desert in 2016. 2017 all the members finished their army service ,they recorded their E.P “White Trash” and started performing countless shows all over the country and Europe . On from there was the second round of the Roadkill Fest, after their had released their first video clip “Rap Guillotine” they got offered a record publishing deal for their album ‘White Trash’ from Zombie Shark Records and with the signing they released another video clip “Big Bag Johnny” and are now working on their next releases and pre-recording of a new album.

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