Negative Sky – “The Dark Unknown” Zenergy Entertainment Group

Negative Sky

Negative Sky is an aggressive and thought-provoking metalcore group, based out of central New Jersey. Utilizing a diverse mixture of heavy groove, technicality, melody, and attitude, they make the kind of music that immediately sets them apart from their peers. They defy boundaries, and leave lasting impressions distinguishing them as a one-of-a-kind hybrid of the various genres they experiment with. The key to their style is innovation, and amplifying the instinctive “feel good” sounds that trigger something within each and every one of us.

In 2013, the guys began work on new material. After demo-ing a large number of songs that had come together, the band settled on five songs to take into the studio, which would become an EP entitled Death of the Sun. The title track and the song “Disasteroid,” both did well with radio and the latter has become a fan favorite and pit anthem.
The success of Negative Sky has been picking up steam like a runaway freight train and it shows no signs of slowing down.

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