Negative Sky – “The Dark Unknown” Zenergy Entertainment Group

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Negative Sky – “The Dark Unknown” Zenergy Entertainment Group

Artist city, country: New Brunswick, New Jersey, U.S.A.

Artist Biography: Negative Sky is an aggressive and thought-provoking metalcore group, based out of central New Jersey. Utilizing a diverse mixture of heavy groove, technicality, melody, and attitude, they make the kind of music that immediately sets them apart from their peers. They defy boundaries, and leave lasting impressions distinguishing them as a one-of-a-kind hybrid of the various genres they experiment with. The key to their style is innovation, and amplifying the instinctive “feel good” sounds that trigger something within each and every one of us.

In 2013, the guys began work on new material. After demo-ing a large number of songs that had come together, the band settled on five songs to take into the studio, which would become an EP entitled Death of the Sun. The title track and the song “Disasteroid,” both did well with radio and the latter has become a fan favorite and pit anthem.
The success of Negative Sky has been picking up steam like a runaway freight train and it shows no signs of slowing down.

Director Name: Tom Monahan
Director Link:
Producer Name: Zenergy Entertainment Group
Producer Link:

About The Video: The video contains live footage shot at the Stone Pony when the band played with the Deftones. The performance footage was shot with about 25 friends including Tim”No. 37″ Martinez of Fuse TV. It was shot in a warehouse over the course of 10 hours and temperatures reached 119 degrees!

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Song Lyrics: Through this Wasteland
I Walk
Among the Earth
over your scattered corpses
devoid of worth
I feed upon your ashes

All that has burned
and no one has learned

Born to face the dark unknown Wasteland

I am not a victim of certainty
in a time that’s frozen
blind as I stalk the land unseen
I have been chosen

All that has burned
and no one has learned

Born to face the dark unknown Wasteland

No Trace
look at me the end of all things
see what the ignorant Society brings
One with the emptiness
drowning in wickedness
It burns my soul

A Walk Among the Earth
over your scattered Corpses

you have forsaken my loneliness
do not mistake my strength from this

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