New Dust – “Emotion” Official Music Video –  A BlankTV Feature!

New Dust

In 2006, four guys from the cold south of Brazil decided to breathe life into a new style, and formed a band called New Dust.
Inspired by Scandinavian punk bands, they created some great songs, but as sometimes happens, they disbanded before hitting their stride.

After ten long years, they’ve now decided to record and release their songs, and come back to life, leading to their first EP called, ‘Number One’.
Just like a punch, the EP is fast and thunderous, with great lines of guitars, authentic construction, explosive drums, a creative bass, and lyrics that run between troubled relationship, bank theft and drugs!
This complete sleaze / punkcore album, promises great music and impressive returns from the hard rock/punk community.
The band is made up of Eduardo Ribeiro (lyrics, songs, vocals and guitar), Felipe Lindstron (Drums and Backing Vocals), Paulo “Miojo” Medeiros (Guitar, Backing Vocals) and Gustavo (Bass and Backing Vocals).

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