Padme – “Sattın Kendini” Official Music Video


We are a three piece punk rock/ska punk/skate punk band from Istanbul, Turkey. We started playing, kicking people and breaking stuff together in 2015. We really like free activities like jumping, running and making fun of our existential crises. Because we really don’t have any money, and we all work as waiters and some other part-time jobs, so yeah. And as we said, we live in Turkey, which is an incredibly free country, our government officials really respect our freedom of speech, our well-being, our mental health. Also they really respect the people who are suffering because of them. So, they are just trying to end our suffering with police brutality, with controlling the mainstream media, with throwing journalists and opposing party members (even leaders) in prisons, with using religion as a tool to fool our really fool so called citizens, who are tools. But we know it, this is just for us! They are so thoughtful! Our songs are mostly about this, about us trying to survive, about us having no money, about how crooked politics and religious stuff in this shithole, about how it is to live in a middle eastern country, and about our boredom and our anger. We released our first EP ‘Re-Vizyon’ in 2016 and our debut album ‘Bugün’ (it means “Today” in English) in 2017. We play fast punk rock music with some melodic stuff.

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