Reality Grey – “Daybreakers” Official Music Video

Reality Grey

Hailing from the sunny South Italy, REALITY GREY represent the vanguard of the Italian scene, starting in 2004 playing the so called “Melodic Death Metal” and on a quest to redefine and pioneer their own form of that genre and go beyond.
Release after release REALITY GREY proved to be a tight five pieces able to break the Melodic Death Metal dogmas producing a challenging and inviting mixture of metal that can be described as a modern hybrid of metal in its pure form, melody, brutality and complex songwriting.

REALITY GREY have produced the new single “Daybreakers” that will be part of the new album ‘Beneath This Crown’.
In this record the band has pushed his own experimental songwriting to the limit, being heavily influenced by Progressive-Fusion and Djent, keeping the brutality and aggression to the max to fit the neck-breaking live shows that the band delivers, because the stage is where REALITY GREY belongs. Touring, dedication and sacrifice.

The success of ‘Define Redemption’ (2014) allows the band to embark in their first headline tour in Japan.
“Redemption over Japan 2014” brings new soldiers to the REALITY GREY’s army of headbangers in the Far East.

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