Remnants Of Hope – “Blackened Heart” Official Music Video

Remnants Of Hope

The three began playing music together at a young age. It was only natural coming from a household where mom offered them a classical music influence, while dad infused them with a less-then-mainstream rock influence. So, Zander sang, Paul played bass, and Nyk picked up the guitar, recording with their father as a cover band until October 2013. By then, they had reached a point where they no longer felt other peoples’ songs could speak for them. Being home-schooled, Nyk received a GED, completing his education at 17 that December. Afterwards he studied musical composition, learning how to write songs. Taking a liking to the consistency of their fathers Mpc1000 (Drum Machine) they used it to make music, drawing on the industrial sounds that it provided. In February 2014, after lots of hard work, the three had formed Remnants of Hope.

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