Savan DePaul – “Nebula Rock” Official Music Video

Savan DePaul

Forever the cosmic enthusiast, Savan DePaul prides himself on making music that challenges/subverts the notions of his contemporaries. Favoring the abstract and the surreal, DePaul not only operates as a rapper but also as a producer, poet, and visual artist. DePaul uses his eclectic tastes in music and a wide range of influences to fuse a recognizable style of music with his own futuristic visions. He eschews the normal conventions of hip hop and electronic music and opts for a vibe that is unlike any other on this planet. His ethereal synths, worldbeat-influenced rhythms, zany flows, and unorthodox approach to writing and structuring lyrics make for a listening experience that is more akin to music from another galaxy than anything resembling conventional pop tunes. This wildly radical ethos has made Savan DePaul one of the most unique characters in the underground rap scene today.

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