Slow Bear – “Normandy And Me” Official Music Video

Slow Bear

After having crisscrossed Western Europe as guitarist of several grunge-influenced bands, Slow Bear began playing solo in the summer of 2014. This marked a return to songcraftship in the style of Scott Yoder, John Frusciante and Daniel Johnston, combined with 1920s and 1930s blues. On his debut release ‘Pale Morning Fades’ (December 2015, Dopey Sonofabitch Music) Slow Bear embraces the fuzzy sound of tape recorders and blends this with digital mixing techniques. The home recorded album features at times a lofi take on oldies pop, at other times dark psychedelic folk ballads. The record puts lyrical expression up front, featuring tales of war, abuse, violence and alienation in a magical-realistic universe.

While in 2016 Slow Bear has toured the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, which has brought him to such stages as Suikerrock (Be), De Kaaij Festival (Nl) and Krefeld Unplugged (De), he also recorded two, less lofi, full albums and a videoclip that are soon to be released.

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