Stolen Apple – “Daydream” Rock Bottom Records – Official Music Video

Stolen Apple

The band was formed in 2008 from the ashes of Nest, authors of two records published respectively by Urtovox/Audioglobe (“Drifting”, 2001) and Za Records/BlackCandy-Audioglobe (“Isn’t it?, 2007). From the original nucleus, (material and news about are two founding members — Riccardo Dugini (vocals, guitar), and Luca Petrarchi (vocals, guitar); to complete the organic Massimiliano Zatini – already aggregated to Nest as percussionist in some acoustic and experiments here on bass – and Alessandro Pagani (former drummer in Subterraneans and one of the masterminds of Valvola/Shado Records), in training for a period in the mid-90 ‘s when the group was called Malastrana. The band’s name was inspired by the story of Ernst Lossa, jenish child killed in the 1944 by the Nazi as part of their program of extermination of individuals, narrated among the others by Marco Paolini in his show “Ausmerzen”.

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