Superhero Status – “Fast Life” WTF Records – Official Music Video

Superhero Status

Some of these guys have been playing in hardcore bands since the early 90’s. During the years they noticed that the hardcore they loved, almost disappeared from the scene. Everything was getting darker and more evil. There was only one thing left to do and that is to form a new band and bring the punk back into hardcore.
Soon after Superhero Status formed, the guys released a demo and started hitting the stages all over Holland, Belgium and Germany. A lot of shows were played and the band opened up for bands like H2O, Expire, Comeback Kid, Slapshot and Wisdom in Chains to name a few. In 2016 Superhero Status first official release was the self-titled 7” on WTF Records. The good reviews made the band hungry for more, so early 2018 they went to the studio to record the follow up EP called ‘Leave the Herd’. As the title suggest the band is still trying to break free from the modern main stream hardcore genre.
Watch out for some hardcore tunes with a touch of melody!

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