Testify – “Seeds Of Wrath” Van Richter Records


Formed in 1993 in Essen, Germany,TESTIFY stormed onto the American aggro-metal scene March 15,1994 with the critically acclaimed national release 01. The band has been dubbed the next Ministry by such prominent publications such as Alternative Press, RIP, B-Side, Industrial Nation, Seconds, Ink 19, CMJ, ARC, Pit, Gear and Mean Street.

The current TESTIFY lineup includes Rascal Nikov, Myk Jung, Moses W., Eddie Logan, George Mckinley and Mathias Black. Rascal and Myk came to the group from the legendary renowned electrobody music band THE FAIR SEX whose CD Machine Bites was released nationally in the United States in 1994. The band has toured extensively with Die Krupps and Armageddon Dildos in support of their releases.

The second release Ballroom Killer was mixed by famed Ministry crew Keith “Fluffy” Auerbach and Howie Beno. The third record Mmmyaoooo record was produced by Metal Blade artist Skrew and with it the status of being a sideproject was blown away. TESTIFY has developed into a real band thing – a unit of sincerity. While the debut was animated by a spirit of roughness and quick work, Mmmyaoooo is the product of one year’s work.The result is a list of eleven tracks which are filled with power, speed, brutality, insane humor and… atmosphere.

The fourth album Crack the Mind features mixes by Die Krupps, Die Warzau and Plastic Noise Experience. Crack the Mind incorporates five brand new titles and four remix war titles from Mmmyaoooo. TESTIFY continues to blow away its peers with razor sharp treated vocals, powerful lyrics, well placed samples and chunky guitars. Crack the Mind is a dark progression in the world of computerized industrial metal!

“Aggro” the final installment of the Testify legacy. This sixth release is the best of Testify anthology. A seventeen song collection remastered plus a dynamic bonus remix of “The Seed of Wrath” by Industrial Legends Die Warzau. The companion music video for “The Seed of Wrath” – Die Warzau silence as a weapon mix was produced by Will Young. Testify 1993 – 2007 Mission Terminated

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