The Mayan Factor – “Hope” Mothership Records – Official Music Video

The Mayan Factor

One word to describe The Mayan Factor is haunting. A listen to any song and you will never forget it. To hear either their melodies or their lyrics is to be renewed. Together they blend into an irresistible force of inspirational creativity. Bridging the abyss of unreal to real, the spiritually dead to the vital, these guys are genuine, their warmth contrasting with the vapid corporate chill of modern culture. Living samplers, each man engulfs a smorgasbord of musical styles but they never tack anything on because they can do it. Their music wells from the wellspring of their souls.
The system is corrupt. The system is bankrupt. We await the wall to fall.
Turn your ears to the new dispensation.
Turn your hearts from the grave.
Tune your hearts to the heart of The Mayan Factor…

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