The Singularity – “End Of The Line” Official Music Video

The Singularity

Frontman and multi-instrumentalist Julian Shah Tayler’s childlike fascination with science, space and the big questions that trouble the human condition has fuelled the creative output of The Singularity since the band’s inception in early 2012.

“Everything burst out of the centre of a supermassive black hole,” remarks Julian, “and we are going back there one day, so let’s just enjoy it.” This sentiment pretty much sums up The Singularity’s manifesto and echoes the ‘party like its 1999’ hedonistic attitude of the artist Julian has been most frequently compared to, Prince.

Returning to the studio at the end of 2013, the band committed their tour-honed material to tape and the results are now available in an outstanding 10-track work, which features ‘Talking in Your Sleep,’ a rewire of the new wave power pop of The Cars and The Only Ones; ‘Antigravity,’ a nod to the recent Afrobeat leanings of Yeasayer and Vampire Weekend; and ‘Wetter,’ a modern day glam stomper described by former Creation Records head and Oasis and Primal Scream A&R guru Alan McGee as “massive” and easily capable of “[making] Julian a star.”

Although a relatively new incarnation, The Singularity’s swift ascent is a testament to Julian’s dogged determination, a drive initially hatched from the singer/songwriter’s past with London based Universal Music signings, Whitey.

After a five-year worldwide tour with the dance-guitar band, Julian moved to Los Angeles during a time when record sales no longer equated to guitar shaped swimming pools. In this period of colossal change to the music industry, Julian redirected his efforts to music placements in film & television. Meanwhile playing guitar briefly, for Courtney Love – and several months providing “piano, backing vocals and shaky things” for Joaquin Phoenix – before the now LA embedded musician decided to go it alone.

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