The Way Of – “The Journey Has Begun” Official Lyric Video

The Way Of

The idea was simple. Take a group of close friends and start a band. A punk rock hardcore version of Shaolin neighbors the Wu-Tang Clan. Some have been in bands before, and for others this is their first foray. Lyrically infusing anger and rage with Samurai, Taoist, and Zen philosophical references and imagery. Musically, a brutal mixture of what they call Hardcore Streetpunk. Sounds of New York Hardcore, Venice Beach Punk, Oi!, Streetpunk, and a healthy love of Motörhead echo throughout. The punk equivalent of Bruce Lee’s philosophy for Jeet Kune Do; use what works and throw out what doesn’t.

As a whole it’s not differently than the path they have all been living individually. No categorization has ever really fit on any one of them, and together even more so. An amalgamation of personalities, sounds, philosophies, space and time. They are The Way Of.

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