Venus Flytrap – Official Trailer #1 + IndieGoGo Pitch Video

Venus Flytrap

Have you watched Vinyl, Flight of the Concords, The Get Down, Roadies, or The Might Boosh?
Notice anything missing in these shows? Why are the women always groupies, roadies, singing girl-group femmes or facilitators for the guys?
Enter Venus Flytrap – a new musical comedy web-series following a band of young women intent on grabbing rock and roll by the balls in the land of Trumpistan. Together, it’s something WE can do to fight the powers that be, and laugh our asses off while we squeeze!
Follow along as the punk feminist band Venus Flytrap (VFT) and their various cohorts disrupt the entertainment status quo with their own unique brand of comedy, anarchy, music and irreverence.

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