Versus Me – “Shout” Official Music Video

Versus Me

Versus Me is a perfect band for today’s subcultural and mainstream pop crowds alike. They have crafted a debut album featuring the type of crowd-ready anthems heard in stadiums on the One Direction/5 Seconds of Summer world tour, while simultaneously harnessing the heaviness and earnest delivery found each year on the Warped Tour’s main stage and in the pages of Alternative Press, Rocksound, Kerrang! and Big Cheese.

The four men of Versus Me are of the rare breed that walk-the-walk even more than they talk-the-talk. Sure, plenty of bands say they care about their fans, but these guys live and breathe that concern. Part of the reason for that is because they’ve been there. They’ve connected with albums from their favorite bands that spoke to them in times of hardship, disappointment, uncertainty and insecurity. They know how important it is to have an anchor when the storms of the world rain down. When it’s essential to ensure that people know they are not alone in their struggle, bands like Versus Me stand tall.

Coming together in song and spirit from the remaining foundations of earlier screamo and metalcore bands, Versus Me represent the full realization of what five friends can create when united in passion and vision. Imagine the pop-punk/heavy stomp combo of A Day to Remember, the emotionally-driven shred of Pierce The Veil, the fierce onstage delivery of The Devil Wears Prada and the bottom heavy bellow of Born of Osiris seamlessly coming together with the smooth, driving rock of bands like Copeland, Acceptance and Daryl Palumbo’s Head Automatica, all with a delicious cherry on top made from the soaring melody of Maroon 5. Those ingredients are just some components of the Versus Me recipe. The band’s diverse influences, their varied experiences on the road (in bands and as crew), and the ascent of like-minded bands like Bring Me The Horizon and Asking Alexandria, have paved the way for Versus Me to quickly connect with fans on a worldwide scale.
Packing an arsenal of melodies, hooks, breakdowns, electro-fueled bounce and deep grooves, Versus Me’s message of uplifting goodwill is about to make itself heard loud and proud – from the stage, from cars, speakers, headphones and anywhere possible.

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